Charity (aylajade) wrote in ajsales,

Misc. items

Art Stuff
Stylin' Strawberry Night Light Wallflower
Purchased @ Bath & Body Works

(I have two of these)

2, 3
Bought for gifts but never given out.
$8 shipped or best offer.

Pure Simplicity Skin Mattifier
Burdock Root
Purchased @ Bath & Body Works

Description; Take Control. Deep in the heart of the burdock root lies the secret to oil control. This mattifier absorbs excess oil, calms and purifies skin and leaves your face with a smooth, matte finishe that looks and feels fresh for hours.

Never used or opened, only taken out of the box for pictures. I bought two of these and only need one.
$10 shipped or best offer.

Star/flower keychain

I'll probably end up giving this to someone who buys something.

Eye cover
"Sweet Surrender"

Never taken out of the plastic case, gifted to me but I have no use for it.
$7 shipped or best offer.
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